Lija Ahana's Art Gallery

Art is a unique language. It is the language of the wise and philosophers. A art of painting speaks a thousand words at a glance. This is the unique Lija Ahana's Art Gallery that exhibits some of the best pictures of art, drawings, oil paintings by the young artist Lija Ahana seggregated under various tags. This Lija Ahana's Art Gallery shows beautiful Drawings pictures, images, wallpapers, e-cards expressing various messages of life, love, friendship, etc. These paintings, drawings are categorized under different tags like Love, life, friendship, patriotism, Environment, Global Warming, etc.

Find some of the best paintings, drawings of the young artist Lija Ahana, grouped under different categories in this Lija Ahana's Art Gallery. Find here artworks related to Happiness, Excitement, sorrow, sadness, madness, etc.

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